Weight Control and Reduction

Low carb, the 5:2 diet, detox, cabbage soup … there is no shortage of novelty diet programmes promising to help you lose weight fast.

The big question is do they work? Most do lead to fast – sometimes dramatic – weight loss, but only for the pounds to creep back on again at the end of the diet.

More worryingly, many fad diets are based on questionable science or no research at all, prescribing eating practices that are unhealthy and can make you ill.

When coming to see a therapist for overeating, you may find you are nourishing yourself with food, rather than love. Of course, we all need nourishment; we just need to discover the healthiest and happiest way to nourish ourselves.

The Wellbeing Practice approach will be to motivate you to exercise more, this will help you burn off excess weight; whilst at the same time help you to easily choose to eat healthy foods, to eat only when you need food and to only eat what you need and no more.

Our 12 session programme looks at your reasons for why you eat, your motivation to lose weight and develops a useful understand of the various aspect of safe, lasting weight loss.

Our approach for weight loss is about changing your habits with food for the rest of your life, so unlike crash and novelty diets it changes the basis of your compulsive eating or lack of interest in exercise so you are free to enjoy the rest of your life – eating and exercising sensibly without having to think about it.

Wellbeing Practice

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