Weight management

weight managementA healthy weight is a weight that lowers your risk of health problems. For most people, body mass index (BMI) and waist size are good ways to tell if they are at a healthy weight.

But reaching a healthy weight isn’t just about reaching a certain number on the scale or a certain BMI. Having healthy eating and exercise habits is very important.

If you want to get to a healthy weight and stay there, healthy lifestyle changes will work better than dieting. Reaching a certain number on the scale is not as important as having a healthy lifestyle.

Wellbeing Practice looks at your goals and desires to ensure they are realistic and healthy; then by looking at your current eating habits, the reasons for why you eat and the way you eat (there are five core motivations to eating), we can then work together to put in place a individually developed plan to help you achieve that healthy weight and size.

Typical areas were we may provide support;

Emotional Eating

– Exercise Motivation

– Gastric Band Hypnosis

– Healthy Eating

– Maintaining Weight Loss

– Night-Time Eating

– Sensible Eating

– Weight Gain

– Weight Loss


Wellbeing Practice

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