Hypno Holiday

Hypno Holiday

Your mind needs a holiday just as much as your body

That’s why we all need a Hypno holiday from time to time. Especially when we feel that we really need a good break from daily life, or to feel the excitement and adventure of visiting a new country, but it isn’t always practical to get away.

With our 1 hour Hypno holiday session you can experience the ultimate in relaxation. Choose a destination and live that experience as if it were real.

Not only will you feel that you have indulged and rejuvenated yourself;  during the session we will help you to feel more positive, optimistic, confident and excited about life.

If there are any issues in your life that you would like to work on we can incorporate that into the session as well.

With a Hypno-Holiday, you will be taken on an adventure in your imagination. Going into a deep level of hypnotic relaxation; feeling, consuming and absorbing all that your chosen holiday destination has to offer.


How does a hypno holiday work?

Within our tranquil environment, you just relax and allow your normal daily grind to melt away. We guide you safely into a deeply relaxed state, where you will be completely aware of your surroundings at all times.

For many it feels much like you are daydreaming.  You will then be guided on a wonderful journey through your subconscious mind on the trip of dreams.

When you awaken, you will feel revitalised and renewed.  With a spring in your step and more than ready to tackle the world afresh, feeling positive and alive.

Our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and not real.   So as far as your body and mind are concerned, they will have had a fantastic holiday; without any travel stress, no long flights, just the best bits; fun, relaxation, sunshine, bliss and indulgence.

Hypno Holiday Reservation –  £65    limited offer £45: