Fantasies – Dreams – or Past Memories – Hypno Choice Experiences

live your Fantasies in the comfort of your own mind safe and secure in complete control


Fantasies, Dreams, Places, Revisit past occasions… Hypno Choice is where you can decide to experience an event of your choosing.

In our safe, secure environment you decide where you want to go, what you wish to enjoy and experience; where will your imagination take you?

We will create a Hypno Experience to fit as close as possible to your hearts desire, wildest dreams or deepest fantasies!

Alternatively you can re-live a past experience where we can help you unlock and recall the details of a happy memory.

The big advantage is that only you need be actually involved whilst all other interaction is experienced in your own mind to whatever detail to choose.  Live your Fantasies in the comfort of your own mind, safe and secure in complete control.

As each experience is unique to you and created to your individual requirements, the first step is a confidential process to help us understand your needs.

The price for an individually tailored journey taking you into your Dreams and Fantasies or back to Past happy times, starts from £99.00.  An experience you will never forget, we belive you want to come back agian and agian.

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