Emotional Release

Wellbeing Practice provides therapy to support you achieve emotional release within a positive, safe and supportive environment. No drugs or placebo medication, completely non-intrusive, designed to put you in control and helping you to understand yourself, giving you the control and ability to remove stress and anxiety from your life.

After an experience that you found painful, difficult to cope with, or just feel afraid of, it is common for this emotion to be ‘dismissed’ by either getting busy, exercising more, drinking or eating a bit more, or just pretending it did not happen.

When we do this, we do not feel the emotion directly; this results in what is referred to as repressed, suppressed or buried emotions. However, these feelings stay physically in our bodies and the emotions remain buried within us until we bring the emotion into our awareness and ‘feel’ the emotion, thus releasing it.

Emotions that are buried long-term have been clinically shown to lead to many physically debilitating illnesses as the mind is very powerful and affects the body on all levels.

We believe treatment should aid a full and lasting recovery, by offering you a rounded approach. Firstly by safely dealing with past events and experiences that may in fact form the foundation of any negative behaviours and physical problems today.

Secondly to look at and address current problems or blocks that stop you from resolving unwanted issues; and then to equip you with the ability to protect yourself and grow stronger moving in to the future with a secure and positive sense of personal wellbeing.

Typical examples:

Guilt, when you accept and then release your feelings of guilt, you will instantly feel “lighter”, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It is highly likely your physical health will also begin to improve.

Heartbreak, there’s more and more medical evidence that heartbreak has real consequences for your health, as humans evolved, romantic and social relationships became intrinsic to our survival. Pain tells us something is wrong or dangerous, so if we lose an important relationship, science suggests it’s because we feel our very survival is in jeopardy. 

Morbid Thoughts, anxiety genuinely affects the way you think, this being one of the reasons that so few people treat it. Having these unhealthy thoughts that feel so natural, people think there is either something wrong with them or that there is nothing wrong at all. Few people actually realise that anxiety changes how you see things and how you view things.

Negative Emotion Release, there many examples of specific negative emotional issues, where a traumatic event has caused negative emotions to be held within us for various reasons. With help, the debilitating effects of these negative emotions can over time be improved, by releasing the unwanted emotional strain in whatever form it may appear.

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