Compulsive Behaviour

Wellbeing Practice provides therapy for compulsive behaviours within a positive, safe and supportive environment. Completely non-intrusive with no drugs, we put you in control, giving you the strength and ability to remove anxiety from your life, and have the resilience to face the future.

Understanding Compulsive Behaviours

To be diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a person’s obsessiveness and intrusive thoughts must be accompanied by compulsive behaviour, whether it’s mental (telling yourself It’ll be all right over and over again) or physical (hand-washing, straightening items).

Obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour become a full-blown disorder when the need to complete the behaviours—also known as “rituals”—begins to drive your life, If you like your radio at volume level 3, for example, and it breaks and gets stuck on 4, would you be in a total panic until you could get it fixed?

People often experience a general state of worry or fear before experiencing something challenging such as a test, examination, presentation, or interview. These feelings are easily justified and considered normal.

Stress and Anxiety becomes a problem when the symptoms affect your ability to sleep or otherwise function. Generally, anxiety occurs when your reactions appear out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation.

At the Wellbeing Practice we believe the most effective way to be freed from compulsive behaviours effectively is to resolve what’s causing them; by building your confidence and self-esteem you will develop the ability to control your thinking rather than letting outside influences have power.

By releasing the negative emotional ties to past events stored within your own subconscious will remove the destructive impact they have on your normal thinking; whilst at the same time revisiting and harnessing the positive influences of happier times and successful memories which will fill lift your thinking to new “can do” levels and enable your body to release natural chemicals into your body which with will boost your vitality and enthusiasm for life.

In short, if you take a few steps to eliminate just a few of the negative influences in your life, then if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect.

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