Exams and tests

At some point in our lives we have to take exams. At school, college, university, even learning to drive – there’s no escaping them. For some people it’s no big deal, but for most of us, exams are stressful. But stress isn’t all bad. It’s the thing that gives us a rush of adrenaline to make us bother to sit down and study. Stress helps to motivate us when we’re faced with a challenge. But it’s a fine line – too much stress does the opposite and causes us to get anxious and tense. It means we start panicking and we can’t stay focused.

There’s nothing worse than entering a room and panicking because everything you’ve studied or prepared has gone out of your head.

Typical examples:

– Driving Test / Driving Theory Test

– Exam Study

– Motivation

– Exam Success

– Examination Nerves

– Presentations

– Test Anxiety

At the Wellbeing Practice we use proven and tested methods to ensure this just does not happen – everything you’ve ever seen, heard or done in preparation of this time in your life is there in your wonderful subconscious mind.

The instant you walk into that room and sit down to read the questions, with our methods you will become extremely calm and relaxed.

You will turn begin your task, exam or presentation, and as you do this you will be surprised to discover that you can actually remember much more than you originally thought you would remember with confidence and an inner calmness.

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