At Wellbeing Practice, we can teach you simple techniques for relaxation, which will help both you and your baby from very early on in your pregnancy.

Being scared, fearful or anxious about giving birth can have a negative impact on your body during pregnancy and labour.

Researchers have found that after 17 weeks, cortisol the stress hormone; can be found in the amniotic fluid at the same levels as in the mother’s blood.

Relaxation birthing (more commonly referred to as Hypnobirthing) is a complete childbirth education programme for both you and your birth companion, which teaches simple but effective relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as practical birth education, for an easier birthing experience.

Through deep relaxation, breathing techniques and the release of anxiety and tension through fear release relaxation, you will discover how to be in control of your birth and trust in your own body.

As a result of a more relaxed pregnancy followed by a less painful and stressful birth, research suggests that the possible effects of both pre-natal and post-natal problems can be greatly reduced; including areas such as: Birthing, Bonding, Breastfeeding, IVF, Weight Management, Sickness, Anxiety, Stress, and Post Natal Depression.

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