Post Natal Depression Relaxation

Post Natal Depression (PND) is not only a distressing condition, it can also be a disabling one, so the earlier you get help the better. PND should always in the first instance be diagnosed and treatment prescribed by your Medical Practitioner; The support and therapy we provide is aimed at helping you with practical ways to support your journey towards recovery.

If PND is acknowledged and addressed, it is likely to pass sooner and be less severe than if you get no help. It is then also less likely to affect the relationship between you and your baby.

You may fear that your baby will be taken away if you admit to feeling depressed, anxious or having distressing thoughts, for example, about harming yourself or the baby. But fear of asking for help may be part of the problem, and you may need encouragement and support in getting it.

At Wellbeing Practice we understand that you’ve had periods of feeling down since your baby was born and this has stood in the way of your full enjoyment of being a mother, that this is mainly due to the upsetting of the hormone balance between your brain and your body – and when the chemistry is not right, it can affect your emotional state.

Our first approach would be to help your hormones to regain their natural state of equilibrium, and to do this guiding you to look within yourself and gather and collect all the memories that we need in order to regulate your hormones, helping your body to once again produce the perfect balance to promote health and wellbeing of your body and mind.

Moving forward, helping you to help yourself,  you will find that you have more energy and more vitality again, or it could be that your weight begins to be more within your contentment range whilst a new sense of comfort begins to evolve within you.

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