Elective Caesarean Section

Why would a woman choose a caesarean section over a more traditional delivery?

Doctors report that more and more first-time mums are asking about scheduling their baby’s delivery by C-section, even when there’s no clear medical reason to do so. Although more mums are interested in surgical delivery, major medical organisations are headed in the opposite direction, urging healthcare providers to avoid performing unnecessary caesarean sections.

Why would a woman choose major surgery over vaginal childbirth?    Some feel that scheduling delivery is more convenient than waiting for labour and childbirth, allowing them to more easily arrange for maternity leave and extra help at home.

Others believe that a C-section might help them minimize the pain or certain complications – such as tearing, incontinence, or sexual dysfunction – that they associated with a vaginal delivery.

This program will now help you to prepare your mind for the birth, enabling you to really look forward to your baby’s entry into the world and into your life with all the knowledge and understanding that you are both safe and secure in your chosen hospital environment.

As you may know, the nice thing about having a elective caesarean section is that, for many women it is almost a completely pain free event – often there are no labour pains involved and the midwives and nurses and doctors and other hospital staff do everything that they can to make your hospital stay as comfortable as it can possibly be.

If you haven’t already been given a definite date for the birth of your child then, as the expected date draws near you will be carefully monitored and soon know when the caesarean is scheduled to take place.

As you will almost certainly stay in hospital for a few extra days you can really begin to look forward to having a good rest and spending your time bonding with your baby and adjusting to the rewarding role of becoming a Mum.

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