Breech Birth Relaxation

During pregnancy, babies often twist and turn. By the time labour begins, however, most babies settle into a position that allows them to be born headfirst through the birth canal; however this doesn’t always happen.

A breech baby is one that is born bottom first rather than the usual head first. Most breech babies will have straight legs going up past their ears (a “complete breech”), or bent legs in the usual foetal position (a “flexed breech”).

Some will have one bent and one straight leg. Others have their legs curled up beneath them, so that their feet are born first, and even more rarely can have their legs in a kneeling position and be born knee first. In most cases there is no obvious reason why a baby is breech.

Typically 3-4% of babies will be breech at full-term. This is an awkward statistic – not frequent enough for midwives and doctors to see them regularly, and frequent enough that most people know someone who has had a breech baby.

Even more awkwardly, approximately 1 in 4 of all babies will be breech at 30 weeks, and most of those will turn into a head-down position by themselves with no intervention.

You already know each other so well, perhaps more than you realise as the pregnancy has progressed, you are communicating with each other every moment on a subconscious level, and your unborn baby is sensitive to any chemical or emotional changes that occur in your body through the nourishment it receives via the placenta.

You’ve would have had scans and have seen your baby and now you can imagine him or her really well, you know the position that your baby is in needs to be changed for a comfortable birth, and although it’s possible that the position will naturally change as your pregnancy progresses, you can help it along by communicating gently and lovingly with your unborn baby.

Without knowing exactly how much of language your unborn baby can understand at this stage, you can use primal language as that is the language of the brain, and that language is imagery, because long before speech was developed we had to communicate by action, literally showing people what we wanted them do.

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