Baby Bonding

To go inside and connect with that living entity that is growing and developing deep within your womb, and even though, during the stages of your pregnancy it may be difficult to conceive that in just a few months time you will become the mother of a beautiful little baby, you have already accepted that conception has taken place and it is a certainty that the result of this will be your own, special, perfect child.

A wonderful baby, with beautiful blue eyes and a tiny nose, little wrinkly fingers and crinkly toes, and those eyes will look lovingly and wonderingly and trustingly into yours; captivating your heart; collapsing any resistances you may ever have imagined you’d have; because isn’t this what life is about?

You may find yourself waking up one particular night after your baby is born and knowing, without really understanding why or how or even what you know only that you know everything now that you’ll ever need to know.

This little being that is already starting to grow within your womb is going to completely change your life, and it will be such a momentous experience for you because, suddenly, life doesn’t revolve around you and your partner anymore, but rather, it is an expression of your love for each other, and it is entirely dependent on you, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and Mother Nature has her way of protecting us and ensuring that love will develop and grow.

Welling Practice can help you with confidence, relaxation, bonding and so much more, we are here to listen and help in any way you feel is right for you.

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