Memory and Learning

memory developmentYou can learn many things in a short space of time, or you can spend several hours and learn nothing at all.

All that matters is that you decide how quickly and easily you want to learn, because subconscious learning can remain in your mind for many years, a whole lifetime can be spent remembering things you don’t need to know, and you know far more than you think you know.

Your memory and learning can be condensed into a very intensive space and time, and your knowledge and understanding will be available for use whenever it’s needed.

You can hear sounds without consciously listening and these sounds can be recorded in your incredible memory.

You can see images in your mind without consciously watching those things that are registering now in your subconscious mind.

You can touch and feel and remember those things that you have touched and felt – and it can feel wonderful to you, to be so relaxed, knowing that deep down those feelings will always be with you.

When you read, how many words do you remember? But the essence of your learning is clear in your mind, your wonderful subconscious mind.

Typical areas were we may provide support;

– Accelerated Studying

– Computer Confidence

– Concentration

– Dyslexia Relaxation

– Foreign Language Study

– Listening Skills

– Memory Improvement

– Presentations and Exams

– Speed Reading

– Study Skills

– Writer’s Block

– Writing Skills

Wellbeing Practice

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