Pass Your Driving Test

Driving Test Pass your driving test with confidence using Hypnosis

Do you or someone you know go to pieces when it comes to taking a driving test?

Many people are extremely competent drivers and yet fall apart when being examined in an exam/test situation.

While examiners usually recognize that some learner drivers are going to be nervous, they are evaluating the learners’ skills on the day of the actual test. This means that performance and control of the vehicle needs to be at its best.

Clients have reportedly failed up to 12 times before passing after a single hypnosis session. This goes to show how nervousness is the biggest stumbling block when it comes to exams (and why the number 13 can be a lucky number).
Pass your driving test with confidence using HypnosisThis Driving Test hypnosis session can help by taking you through the event in your subconscious mind, thereby ‘rehearsing success’.

A similar method is used by champion sport performers, generally referred to as sport psychology. This helps the brain to familiarise itself with successful endeavours.

Of course, once you’ve completed an activity successfully a few times it then becomes much easier to succeed in the future.

So if you or someone you know is struggling to pass their driving test then Wellbeing Practice can help make it ‘next time lucky’.


This process can be applied and adapted to any number of similar events. For more information please take the time to call us on 01202 830247 or see our contact us page here


Pass your driving test with confidence using Hypnosis