Grief and loss

Grieving is a natural process which enables us to gradually come to terms with the loss of a loved one, adapt to the change in our lives and begin moving forward again.  People also experience grief with the loss of an unborn child, when a pet dies and the breakdown of a relationship. Whatever the reason, the sense of bereavement is no less painful for the person experiencing it. People must be allowed to acknowledge and experience grief for a period of time as this allows us to deal with our emotions and heal properly. Usually people can do this with the support of friends and family, however, if someone is unable to go through this important process or it becomes overly prolonged, then they or family and friends of the person may wish to seek help.

The aim of our treatment is to reprogram the patterns of behaviour within your mind. Therapy focuses on helping you to respond resourcefully during times of loss while maintaining a calm state of mind.

The grieving process is not the same for everyone, but everyone does have a common goal – acceptance of the loss and to keep moving forward. Our goal is to give you a caring and straightforward way to move past the preoccupation with the past and to help you refocus on present and future living.

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