Fear of animals

Fear of animals

Zoophobia is the term given to the fear of animals and its the type of phobia that lets someone fear all animals.

There are two basic ideas to understand before we can understand why particular people fear all animals:

Bad past experience: should a cat scratch a child’s hand and scare them, then there is a very real possibility that they will develop a fear of cats as they grow up.

Over generalisation:  is a way of thinking that causes someone to create general beliefs based on a single event. For example a women who was betrayed by a man and then believes that all men are rogues is an example of someone who used over generalisation.

Over generalisation is one of the most common negative thinking patterns and its invariably responsible for the creation of false beliefs.

Now what do you think would happen if someone feared a certain animal because of a bad past experience, and at the same time used over generalization as one of their thinking patterns?

– Spiders

– Bees or Wasps

– Dogs and cats

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