Counselling by Video or Telephone and Hypnotherapy.

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First for therapy using your telephone; or via a video link on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Never has therapy been so accessible!

#Counselling OR #Hypnotherapy now available to everyone via Video links or on the Telephone.

Need some support through this difficult time, with the #Covid19 causing such fear and uncertainty leaving you to feel #anxious, stressed or confused? Therapy by Video or telephone is here.

You are not alone; we are here to support you while we all make sense of this so we can move forward together with Therapy by Video or telephone.

Talk to us today, affordable sessions to meet your needs.

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Counselling Wimborne, Therapy near you at our Wimborne Therapy Centre

Let get this done – Stop the #Panic – together we can build #Resilience using Therapy by Video or telephone .

Wellbeing Practice – First for Therapy

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