Coping with anxiety

Coping with Anxieties

coping with Anxieties

Coping with anxiety take time to breathe

Anxiety is a curious thing, it tends to get worse when you try to fight it. It’s not clear why this happens, but most probably the stress your body goes through in order to control the stress of anxieties only makes it worse, as does the effort it takes to try to not feel your natural feelings.

The most effective way to be freed from stress and anxiety completely and with lasting benefits, is to resolve what’s causing it; if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect.

So why do you suffer from anxiety? You have probably puzzled over this many times before; Look for reasons, and possible triggers behind it.

Perhaps you know why; an upsetting experience caused you distress. Perhaps it’s been triggered by stress or depression. But knowing this doesn’t make the problem go away. Or maybe you cannot think of any reasons to explain it. But that doesn’t mean there is no cause, because for something to exist it has to have been created. It has to come from somewhere.

Some of our Tips and Strategies for coping with Anxiety, that Wellbeing Practice teach as part of our (group and 1to1) Coping Course include:

  • Control Your Breathing
  • Talk to Someone Friendly
  • Make Love
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Write down your worries

At our Coping Courses we help you learn about over 15 proven methods that are both simple and straightforward, from there you can pick and choose which ones work for you.

The best way forward is to resolve what’s causing your stress and anxieties. Through one to one sessions many people already have found they can resolve the origin of their anxiety thus find long term and effective relief from this debilitating problem.  The answer is within you and together we can find it.


Wellbeing Practice – helping you cope with your Anxieties

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