Causes of Anxiety

As each individual reacts differently to different pressures, determining just one cause of #Anxiety can difficult. Research suggests there are a number of contributing factors, such as:

Brain chemistryAnxiety and the Brain

Some medication seems to alter the chemical imbalances in some individual’s brains, suggesting that there could be a chemical imbalance link to Anxiety.


Evidence suggests that Anxiety can run in families. However evidence is not clear as to whether genetic factors account for the disorder or whether similar environments and life experiences contribute to its cause, or even transference from one person to another.

Life experiences

The development of #Anxiety #disorders is believed to be linked to long term exposure to abuse, poverty, violence or drugs.


Research suggests that personality types may determine whether or not you are susceptible to developing an anxiety disorder.

Relaxation can help with AnxietyTreatment for Anxiety

Firstly let us just understand an important point, there are no quick fixes, it take’s work and commitment and help from people who love you, care about you and professionals who genuinely want to help and support you.

Anxiety can often be treated by a combination of approaches. Medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and behavioural therapy are all common treatments for Anxiety disorders.

Hypnotherapy can also be an effective treatment for Anxiety disorders, as it aims to seek out the root cause of the anxiety and change an individual’s perception of a past event or release emotion from it.

Every person is different, so Hypnotherapy can be flexible and tailored to suit you as a unique person, working together to achieve a dedicated and effective treatment plan.

When combined with traditional #counselling methods and other techniques such as #mindfulness #ACT #relaxation and #meditation, the results can be life changing and very therapeutic

However the key to any therapy or treatment will always be your desire and commitment to making it work, persevering with the course of treatment and taking back control of your life…

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