Weight Management

Shift worker with poor eating habits takes control, increases confidence and loses weight.
The Challenge:
Helen, aged 50 from Dorset, wanted to lose weight to improve fitness levels. She worked in a stressful environment where her work shift patterns were constantly changing. Eating habits reflected this with little structure; she felt she overate and ate at the wrong times. She wanted to lose two stone and had tried a number of diets with little success.
Helen had low confidence and self-esteem and had recently undergone a painful breakup of an abusive marriage. Ian explored her eating habits and found that she often ate when bored, stressed and chose the wrong foods. There was a lot of ‘snacking’ when preparing food but would ‘clear her plate’ even when full. This reflected behaviour encouraged as a child. She was comfort eating and was less concerned about her physical appearance than she had been previously.
Some golden rules were established such as always having a healthy breakfast and ‘listening’ to her body in terms of hunger, eating slowly and increasing water intake. Relaxation techniques and counselling were given to support her feeling calm and in control at home.
With subsequent sessions her confidence increased and she was keen to progress the treatment programme. Ian incorporated relaxation and hypnotherapy to achieve a positive mind set and build her confidence when making food choices.
Helen was much more aware of what she’d eaten and made significant adjustments such as preparing healthy food for night shifts and eating fruit and healthy options. She was positive about incorporating exercise into her week as a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Helen achieved a much improved mind set about food, listening to her body and eating a healthy diet as a matter of choice. She achieved steady weight loss and her self-esteem and confidence improved, noticed by others in some very positive comments received.
The programme was tailored to Helen’s individual needs and set of circumstances and achieved a fundamental change in her mind set which allows her to view food differently and engage with her own ‘inner voice’ to control her eating habits.