Affordable Therapeutic Counselling

Affordable Therapeutic CounsellingOur Affordable Therapeutic Counselling initiative opens the door for more people to get support.

Wellbeing Practice understands that many people simply don’t get the help and support they need, when they need it most.    Our Affordable Therapeutic Counselling initiative is our way to open the door to enable more people to access help when needed.

The effects of not getting help can leave people living with debilitating problems that can shape all areas of their lives for years to come.

The most worrying thing is that these conditions are generally slowly progressive. Although this makes us feel unhappy and unfulfilled we tend to accept these conditions and simply live with them.

So why do people let things that can be changed crowd their minds and inhibit their lives?

Perhaps you are one of the many people who miss out getting the help you need for the following reasons:

1) Waiting lists are too long.: typically you could have to wait up to three months (sometimes longer) to see a counsellor or therapist through the normal NHS system which is already stretched to its limits.

Wellbeing Practice: aims to offer all clients an appointment to start regular treatment with on-going support within 14 days.

2) Private treatment options can be cost prohibitive; for people on low incomes or in problematical financial situations can block access when you need support the most.

Wellbeing Practice: believes we should look to help anyone who needs our support, therefore we allocate a limited number of sessions for people who cannot afford our normal session fee and are willing to talk about reduced rates under certain circumstances.

3) People can be too scared or too proud to ask for help; worried about what others may think or how they might react to your cry for help.

Wellbeing Practice: offers a completely confidential service within a safe and secure environment. Our professional therapists will always keep the contents of any sessions private and will never compromise your anonymity outside of the consulting room should paths cross in public.

The simple point is this;

Wellbeing Practice is working to remove these blocks, helping those who need help. Statistically 1 in 5 people (we believe to be under estimated) suffer mental health challenges or the residual effects of trauma and emotional experiences.

If you feel you want or need help changing or improving any part of your life; or support dealing with a problem or issue; we are here to help you achieve your desired changes through a personalised, sensitive and professional approach.

Your initial consultation is always free, giving you the opportunity to clarify your needs and set your objectives to enable you to move forward with confidence, increase self-esteem and personal resilience.

For more information on our “Affordable Therapeutic Counselling” initiative please call us today: Contact Us