Lifestyle addictions

Wellbeing Practice – provides support for lifestyle addictions within a positive, safe and supportive environment. Completely non-intrusive with no drugs, we work with you to identify the underlying issues that cause your addictions. We put you in control, giving you the strength and ability to remove the addiction from your life, and have the resilience to face the future.

Understanding Lifestyle Addictions

It has been said that we are all addicted to something, be it some form of substance, shopping or technology and these addictions can be controlled if we choose to.

According to the DSM, the psychiatrist’s diagnostic manual, addiction falls into two categories, substance-related disorders and behavioural addictions.

The only behavioural addiction listed in the manual currently is gambling disorder – as it has been decided that there is insufficient evidence to establish diagnostic criteria for other Lifestyle choices or behaviours in order to officially call these addictions; which could include:

– Caffeine Addiction

– Exercise

– Shopping

– Checking phones

– Chocolate Addiction

– Sugar Addiction

– Compulsive Spending

– Gambling Addiction

– Pornography Addiction

– Sex Addiction

Lifestyle choices are choices a person makes about how to live and behave, according to their attitudes, tastes, and values.  The choices you make today can impact on your life, happiness and wellbeing for years to come.

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