Wellbeing Practice – provides support for issues with drugs within a positive, safe and supportive environment. Completely non-intrusive, we work with you to identify the underlying issues that cause your issues with drugs. We put you in control, giving you the strength and ability to remove drugs from your life, and have the resilience to face the future.

Understanding Drug Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

For some people the abuse of a substance is a means to escape a problem or an issue in their lives. For others the use of the substance or the repetitive action simply provides a temporary pleasurable or satisfying sensation that constantly needs to be repeated.

The problem with substance addiction is your body begins to build a tolerance to the substance and the body becomes more dependent upon that substance as time continues. As a result, the amount needed to attain the same level of satisfaction needs to be constantly increased.

The key to cure any addiction is to find the root of what is causing the person to become addicted. Once we have been able to understand the root cause or causes then one is able to work towards resolving the addictive behaviour.

Simply taking away the substance does not work. Forcing one to stop the action does not work.

Once the root cause of the addiction is determined and understood then there is possibility of finding a successful solution to the addictive behaviour.

Wellbeing Practice

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