fotolia_79153391Wellbeing Practice – provides support for addiction within a positive, safe and supportive environment. Completely non-intrusive with no drugs, we work with you to identify the underlying issues that cause your addiction. We put you in control, giving you the strength and ability to remove addiction from your life, and have the resilience to face the future.

Understanding Addiction

Most people relate the word addiction with alcohol or drugs, but that link unfortunately limits the extent of addiction in our society. A new definition is needed that gives us a better understanding of the nature of addiction and will enable us to approach its treatment in a far more productive way:

“Addiction is the uncontrollable use of any substance, person, feeling, or behaviour with a relative indifference of the potentially destructive communal, emotional, and physical effects”.

Addiction is not a disease.  Addiction is a response to pain.

In order to understand the cause, we must first understand what is required for human beings to be happy, a subject sorely neglected in wider research and literature. In order to be physically healthy, we must also attend to positive qualities and behaviours such as nutrition, exercise, shelter, and so on. The same is true of emotional health

At the Wellbeing Practice we believe the most important requirement for our emotional health and happiness is to feel cared for and to feel connected to other human beings. There’s a reason that such a huge portion of our novels and movies take love as a theme.

Wellbeing Practice

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